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Arizona Geological Society Publications

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The Arizona Geological Society (AGS), a professional nonprofit organization, also offers technical reports and maps on Arizona's regional geology and mineral resources. These publications may be purchased from the AZGS office.

AGS-7-Arizona Geological Society Digest, 1964, v. 7, 171 p. $5.00 AGS-9-Arizona Geological Society Digest, 1971, v. 9, 265 p. $6.00

AGS-10-Tectonic Digest, edited by J.C. Wilt and J.P. Jenney, 1976, v. 10, 430 p. $14.00

AGS-13-Arizona Geological Society Digest, 1981, v. 13, 215 p., 2 sheets, scale 1:1,000,000. $12.00

AGS-14-Relations of Tectonics to Ore Deposits in the Southern Cordillera, edited by W.R. Dickinson and W.D. Payne, 1981, Digest, v. 14, 288 p. $17.00

AGS-15-Gold and Silver Deposits of the Basin and Range Province, Western U.S.A., edited by Joe Wilkins, Jr., 1984, Digest, v. 15, 233 p. $17.00

AGS-16-Frontiers in Geology and Ore Deposits of Arizona and the Southwest, edited by Barbara Beatty and P.A.K. Wilkinson, 1986, Digest, v. 16, 554 p. $20.00

AGS-17-Geologic Evolution of Arizona, edited by J.P. Jenney and S.J. Reynolds, 1989, Digest, v. 17, 866 p., scale 1:1,000,000 [includes AZGS Map 26]. $60.00

AGS-18-Mesozoic Rocks of Southern Arizona and Adjacent Areas, edited by W.R. Dickinson and M.A. Klute, 1987, Digest, v. 18, 394 p. $17.00

AGS-19-Proterozoic Geology and Ore Deposits of Arizona, edited by K.E. Karlstrom, 1991, Digest, v. 19, 332 p. $25.00

AGS-20-Porphyry Copper Deposits of the American Cordillera, edited by F.W. Pierce and J.G. Bolm, 1995, Digest, v. 20, 656 p. $60.00

AGS-21-Desert Heat - Volcanic Fire, The Geologic History of the Tucson Mountains and Southern Arizona, by D.A. Kring, 2002, Digest, v. 21, 103 p. $16.00

AGS-22-Ores and Orogenesis: Circum Pacific Tectonics, Geologic Evolution, and Ore Deposits, edited by Jon E. Spencer and Spencer R. Titley. Arizona Geological Society Digest 22, 2008, 622p. $75.00 Click here to view the Table of Contents

Other Non-AZGS Publications

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In addition to publications of the Arizona Geological Society, the AZGS sells selected publications on Arizona geology from other agencies and organizations.

NP-5-Carboniferous Stratigraphy in the Grand Canyon, Northern Arizona and Southern Nevada, edited by S.S. Beus and R.R. Rawson, 1979, 138 p. [Field-Trip Guidebook No. 13 for the 9th International Congress of Carboniferous Stratigraphy and Geology, Urbana, Ill., 1979, published by the American Geological Institute as AGI Selected Guidebook Series No. 2] $5.00

NP-12-Mineralogy of Arizona, by J.W. Anthony, S.A. Williams, R.A. Bideaux, and R.W. Grant, 1995, 508 p. $35.00

NP-13-Residual Aeromagnetic Map of Arizona, by W.A. Sauck and J.S. Sumner, 1970, scale 1:1,000,000. $10.00

NP-14-Depth-to-Bedrock Map, Basin and Range Province, Arizona, by J.M. Oppenheimer and J.S. Sumner, 1980, scale 1:1,000,000. $10.00

NP-15-Residual Bouguer Gravity Anomaly Map of Arizona (ISGN 71), by J.C. Lysonski, J.S. Sumner, Carlos Aiken, and J.S. Schmidt, 1980, scale 1:1,000,000. $10.00

NP-19-Arizona Mines and Minning Companies, 1854 - 1964, by J.H. Garbani, 1993, 307 p. $19.95 NP-20-Arizona Atlas & Gazetteer, by DELORME, 1999, 76 p. $19.95

NP-21-Geologic Excursions in Northern and Central Arizona, edited by E.M. Duebendorfer, 1998, 190 p. $18.00

NP-22-Geologic Map of the Eastern Part of the Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, by Grand Canyon Association, 1996, scale 1:62,500. $12.00

NP-23-Geology and Mineral Resources of the Santa Catalina Mountains, SE Arizona: a Cross-sectional Approach, by Eric Force, 1997, 135 p., 2 sheets scale 1:48,000 and 1:12,000. Text and sheets. $49.50

NP-24-Tucson, 1984, Satellite Image Map, by J.C.Dohrenwend, 1998, scale 1:100,000. $12.00

NP-26-Southern Arizona Trails Resource Guide, by John Dell and Steve Anderson, 1998, 71 p. $8.95

NP-27-Mineral Resources of Arizona: A Field Guide for Collectors, by N.R. Bearce, 1999, 187 p. $19.00

NP-28-Southeast Arizona Satellite Image Map, by J.C. Dohrenwend, 2000, scale 1:170,000. $12.00

NP-29-Organ Pipe Cactus and surrounding areas Satellite Image Map, by J.C. Dohrenwend, 2000, scale 1:100,000. $12.00

NP-30-Petrified Forest National Park Satellite Image Map, by J.C. Dohrenwend, 2000, scale 1:100,000. $12.00

NP-31-National Geographic Seamless USGS Topographic Maps on CD-ROM for Arizona, by National Geographic, 2000. $99.95

NP-32-Grand Canyon National Park Satellite Image Map, by J.C. Dohrenwend, 2001, scale 1:250,000. $12.00

NP-33-Flagstaff Satellite Image Map, by J.C. Dohrenwend, scale 1:100,000. $12.00

NP-34-Arizona Mines and Minning Companies, 1854- 1964, 2nd. Ed., by J.H. Garbani, 2002, 121 p. $20.00

NP-35-Arizona Mining Stock Certificate and Document Collection, by Fred Holabird Americana, 2002, 284 p. $15.00

NP-37-Santa Catalina Mountains Satellite Image Map, by J. C. Dohrenwend, 2002, scale 1:63,360. $15.00

NP39-D49 - Directory of Active Mines in Arizona 2001-2
by K. Phillips, N. Niemuth, and D. Bain, 2002. The listings are alphabetical, giving company name, address, key personnel, mine name, and location. A separate listing of sand and gravel operations is provided. Includes 1:1,000,000 scale map showing the locations of the active mines, and mine offices. 31 p. $6.00

NP40-D50 - Directory of Arizona Mining Consultants
by N. Niemuth, 2004. Contact information and description of services are provided for Arizona residents registered in the following mining related disciplines: assayers, geological engineers, geologists, geophysical engineers, metallurgical and mining engineers. 21 p. $3.00.

NP41-SR1 - Uranium Prospector's Guide
by K.A. Phillips & M.N. Greeley, 1979. A guide for the independent prospector searching for occurrences of uranium. Chapters on mineralogy and geology of uranium and prospecting methods. 34 p. $6.00

NP42-SR12 - Laws and Regulations Governing Mineral Rights in Arizona
by V.H. Verity and L.D. Clark. 9th Edition, 1988, updated 1998. A lay language interpretation of federal and state laws applicable to mineral rights within Arizona. Includes discussions and forms for locating (staking) and maintaining claims on both public domain and State-owned lands. 91 p. $8.00 (Mining Claim forms only are contained in Circular 90.

NP43-MR3 - Molybdenum Occurrences in Arizona
by C.J. Hicks, 1979. Occurrences are listed by county with a brief description of each. The mineralogy, geology, uses and history of molybdenum are provided. 37 p. $6.00

NP44-MR4 - Arizona Industrial Minerals
by K.A. Phillips, 1987. Covers 1400 known Arizona industrial mineral occurrences. The commodities included are mica, silica-quartz, specialty sand, pumice, limestone, salt, dolomite, clay, zeolites, fluorspar, feldspar, wollastonite, strontium, and others. Includes location tables and maps. 185 p. $12.00

NP45-MR6 - BERYL - A Unique Opportunity for the Prospector and Small Mine Operator
by K.A. Phillips, 1986. Describes the mineral beryl, prospecting techniques and its amenability to production by small mine operators. 7 p. $2.00

NP46-MR7 - Gold Panning in Arizona
by D. Bain, 1990. Includes the origin of placer gold in Arizona, prospecting tips, panning instructions, and maps to panning locations. 30 p. $3.00

NP47-OFR91-8 Pumice and Pumicite in Arizona
by J.M. Hoffer, 1991. Describes over 50 pumice occurrences in Arizona. Includes deposit map, scale 1:1,000,000. 67 p. $10.00

NP48-OFR92-10 Copper Oxide Resources
by N.J. Niemuth and K. A. Phillips, 1992. A listing of over 800 Arizona deposits that contain copper oxide. 18 p. $5.00

NP49-OFR93-12 Economic Geology of the Sierra Estrella, Maricopa and Pinal Counties, Arizona
by E. B. Melchiorre, 1993. Includes site descriptions of metallic and nonmetallic resources. 29 p. $2.50

NP50-OFR01-17 Arizona Copper Reserves
DMMR (Information is periodically updated) Reserve and ownership information for over 75 major copper properties. 85 p. $10.00

NP51-OFR02-20 Arizona Mining Scams and Unassayable Ore Projects of the Late 20th Century
by W. Scott Donaldson, 2002, 28 p. $3.00

NP52-M84-1 Arizona Mineral Potential Map
by K. A. Phillips and others, 1984. Map showing areas favorable for future discovery and development of mineral deposits for land use planning considerations. Scale 1:1,000,000. Blackline $3.00.

NP53-MM-17 Metallogenic Provinces of Arizona
by P.F. O'Hara, N. J. Niemuth, and G. Ryberg, 1989. Preliminary edition showing 49 metallogenic provinces in Arizona. Scale 1:1,000,000. Blackline $3.00

NP54-MA-49 Active Mines in Arizona - 2001-2
by K. Phillips, N. Niemuth, and D. Bain, 2002. Shows the locations of the active mines (except sand and gravel operations), plants and mine offices. Scale 1:1,000,000. (Map is included with purchase of Directory of Active Mines.) $3.00.

NP56-Gold Placer Map
by M. Johnson, 1970. Map showing location of placer gold deposits in Arizona. Reprint of USGS Bulletin 1355, Plate 1. Scale 1:1,000,000. Blackline print. $2.50. 

NP57-AzMILS on Disk The complete AzMILS database is available as dBase files on CD-ROM disc. The databases can be sorted on any field or combination of fields, including commodities. Bibliographies include reference information on individual mines. Latitude and longitude is included for each occurrence for GPS use. $20.00.

NP60- Desert Rivers from Lush Headwaters to Sonoran Sands, Arizona Highway Scenic Collection, by. Peter Aleshire, 2006,color photos, 80p. $12.00

NP61 Secret Sedona, Sacred Moments in the Landscape, Arizona Highways Scenic Collection, by Larry Lindahl, 2005, color photos, 80p. $9.95

NP62 Navajo Land, A Native Son Shares His Legacy, Arizona Highways Scenic Collection, by LeRoy DeJolie, 2005, color photos, 80p. $12.95

NP63- The Grand Canyon, Arizona Highways Scenic Collection, by Arizona Highways Phototgraphers, 2004, 80p. $12.95

NP64- The Insider’s Arizona Guidebook, Arizona Highways Travel Collection, by David N. Mitchell, featuring: AZ Parkways, Historic & Scenic Roads, 2006, color photos, 416p. $22.95

NP65- Arizona Hiking- Urban Trails, Easy Paths & Overnight Treks, Arizona Highways Travel Collection, by Arizona Highways Magazine, 2004, color photos, 160p. $16.95

NP66- ARIZONA-The Beauty of It All, Arizona Highways Books, by Arizona Highways, 2003, color photos, 96p. $26.95

NP67- Arizona Wildflowers- a Year round Guide to Nature’s Blooms, Arizona Travel Collection, by Arizona Highways Staff, 2006, color photos, 128p. $18.95

NP68- Arizona Ghost Towns and Mining Camps- A Travel Guide to History, 8th Printing, Arizona Highways Travel Collection, by Philip Varney, 2006, full color photos, 136p. $14.95

NP69-Trails Illustrated National Park Map- Grand Canyon National Park, by National Geographic, 2003, Outdoor recreation Map on waterproof paper. $9.95

NP70-Trails Illustrated National Park Map- Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, by National Geographic, 2006, Outdoor recreation Map on waterproof paper. $9.95

NP71- Trails Illustrated National Park Map- Saguaro National Park, by National Geographic, 2000, Outdoor recreation Map on waterproof paper. -$9.95

NP72-Trails Illustrated National Park Map- Lake Mead National Recreation Area, by National Geographic, 1999, Topographic Map on waterproof paper. -$9.95

NP73- Arizona Road & Recreation Atlas, by Benchmark Maps 6th Edition, 2007, Recreation guides, GPS grids, detailed roads. -$22.95

NP74- AZ State Guide Map, by National Geographic, 2006, Road map & Travel Guide. $7.95

NP75- Weekend Explorer 3D Software- Tucson Area, by National Geographic, 2007, CD-ROM, custom maps, 3D view fly thrus, street & road maps. $29.95

NP76- Weekend Explorer 3D Software- Phoenix Area, by National Geographic, 2006, CD-ROM, print custom maps, 3D view fly thrus, street & road maps. $29.95

NP77- Adventure Paper-Legal Size 8.5x14”, by National Geographic, 2002, Waterproof inkjet, tear-resistant printing paper, 15 sheets. $19.95

NP78- Adventure Paper-Tabloid Size 11x17”’, by National Geographic, 2002, Waterproof inkjet, tear-resistant printing paper, 10 sheets. $19.95

NP79- Death Assemblage, by Susan Cummins Miller, 2002, 212p. $14.95

NP80- Detachment Fault, by Susan Cummins Miller, 2006, $24.95

NP81- Quarry, by Susan Cummins Miller, 2007, $24.95

NP82- Canyon de Chelly National Monument, by Scott Thybony, WNPA, 1997, 14p. $3.95

NP83- Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, by Rose Houk, SWPA, 1996, 27p. $5.95

NP84- Tumacacori National Historic Park, by Susan Lamb, SWPA, 1993, 15p. $3.95

NP85- Coronado National Memorial, by Rose Houk, SWPA, 1999, 15p. $3.95

NP86- Tonto National Monument, by Kay Threlkeld, SWPA, 1988, 15p. $3.95

NP87- A Guide to Sunset Crater and Wupatki, by Scott Thybony, WNPA, 2000, 14p. $6.95

NP88- Lake Mead National Recreation Area: Guide to Boating, by Geoffrey Schneider and Rose Houk, SWPA, 1998, 56p. $7.95

NP89- A Kid’s Guide to Exploring Saguaro National Park, by Mary Maruca, SWPA, 2000, 14p. $1.00

NP90- The Guide to National Parks of the Southwest, by WNPA. $12.95

NP91- Sonoran Desert: An American Deserts Handbook, by Rose Houk, SWPA, 2000, p. 48. $7.95

NP92- Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, by Bill Broyles, SWPA, 1996, p. 64. $9.95

NP93- Walnut Canyon National Monument, by Scott Thybony, WNPA, 2006, p. 15. $4.95

NP94- Cactus Forest Drive- Saguaro National Park, by J. Walker, P.M Urreiztieta, WNPA, 2006, p. 10. $2.00

NP95- Chiricahua, by J.E Bowen, WNPA, $6.95

NP96- Jerome: Story of Mines, Men and Many, by James Brewer, $1.50

NP97- Ruins along the River: Montezuma Castle, Montezuma Well and Tuzigoot National Monument, by WNPA. $6.95

NP98- (D51) Directory of Active Mines, by N.J. Niemuth, D.R. Bain, and F.S. Kimbler Cartographer and GIS Services by S.A. Eastman, 2007, listings are alphabetical, giving company name, address, key personnel, mine name, and location. A separate listing of sand and gravel operations is provided. Includes 1:1,000,000 scale map showing the locations of the active mines, and mine offices. $20.00

NP99- Day Trips from Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff, 9th Edition 2007, by Shifra Steins, TCB, p. 315. $14.95

NP100- Arizona Journey Guide: A Driving & Hiking Guide to Ruins, Rock Art, Fossils & Formations, by Jon Dramer and Julie Martinez, TCB, 2007, p. 272. $16.95

NP101- The Nature of Arizona: An Introduction to Familiar Plants, Animals & outstanding Natural Attractions, by James Kavanagh, TCB, 2005, p 175. $11.95

NP102- Images of America Fort Huachuca, by Ethel Jackson Price, TCB, 2004, p 128. $19.99

NP103- Images of America Tucson, Arizona, by Jane Eppinga, TCB, 2000, p 128. $19.99

NP104- Arizona Trails: South Region, by Peter Massey, Jeanne Wilson and Angela Titus, Includes GPS Coordinates, TCB, 2007, p 232. $24.95

NP105- Arizona’s Best Wildflower Hikes: The Desert, by Christine Maxa, TCB, 2001, p 232. $19.95

NP106- Best Trails: In and Around Kartchner Caverns State Park, by Kelly Tighe, TCB, 2002, p 128. $15.95

NP107- Weird Arizona: Your Travel Guide to Arizona’s Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets, by Wesley Treat, TCB, 2007, p 254, $19.95

NP108- Tucson Hiking Guide, by Betty Leavengood, TCB, 2004, p 214. $16.95

NP109- Tucson Impressions, by James Randklev, TCB, 2005, p 80. $9.95

NP110- Our Sonoran Desert, by Bill Broyles, TCB, 2003, p 76. $14.95

NP111- Nogales Life and Times on the Frontier, by Jane Eppinga- Pimeria Alta Historical Society, TCB, 2002, p 160. $24.99

NP112- Hiking Arizona’s Geology, by Ivo Lucchitta, TCB, 2001, p 272. $17.95

NP113- Backroads of Arizona: Your Guide to Arizona’s Most Scenic Backroad Adventures, by Jim Hinckley, TCB, 2006, p 160. $19.95

NP114- Hiker’s Guide to the Superstition Wilderness, by Jack Carlson and Elizabeth Stewart, TCB, 2002, p 320. $14.95

NP115- The Road Atlas and Travel Guide for the US, Canada & Mexico, by Rand McNally, 2008, p 256. $24.95

NP116- Arizona Road Atlas- including Las Vegas, 1st Edition, by Rand McNally, 2007, p 274. $24.95

NP117- Easy Finder Road Map for Tucson City Streets, by Rand McNally, 2008. $7.95

NP118- The Back Roads- All New Drives, 5th Edition, by Sam Negri & Arizona Highways, 2007, p 248. $19.95

NP119- Guide to Gems- Illustrated guide to the identification, properties and use of gemstones, by Cally Oldershaw, 2003, p 224.

NP120- Rockhounding Arizona- 75 rock-hunting sites throughout Arizona, by Gerry Blair, A Falcon Guide, 1992, p 165. $12.95

NP121- Az Southeast Road Map- including Apache Trail, Mogollon Rim, Tombstone, Bisbee, Saguaro National Park etc., by Benchmark Maps. $6.95

NP122- Roadside Geology of Arizona, by Halka Chronic, 1983, p 319. $18.00

NP123- American Traveler Series: Ghost Towns of Arizona- Remnants of the Mining Days, by American Traveler Press, 1998, p 48. $6.95

NP124- Explore Arizona! - From ice caves, hot springs & waterfalls, to forts, ghost towns & more!, by Rick Harris, 2000, p 124. $6.95

NP125- Az Southwest Road Map- including Quartzsite, Cabeza Prieta NWR, Imperial Reservoir, etc., by Benchmark Maps. $6.95

NP126- Pocket Naturalist Guide: Arizona Wildlife, Geology, Wilderness Survival, Southwestern Desert Life, by Waterford Press. $5.95

NP127- Green Trails Maps featuring hiking, mountain biking and equestrian trails of Saguaro National Park, Santa Rita Mountains and Santa Catalina Mts. $7.50

NP128- Images of America: Early Tucson, by Anne Woosley & AHS, 2008, 128 pg., $21.99 . 
Images of America: Early Tucson Postcards- 15 historic postcards, AHS, 2008, $7.99 NP130- Arizona Trail: The Official Guide, by Tom Lorang Jones & the Arizona Trail Association, 2005, p.328, $24.95

NP131- Roadside History of Arizona, 2nd Edition, by Marshall Trimble, 2004, p.490. $20.00

NP132- 2009 Engagement Calendars- Grand Canyon, Northern AZ, Southern AZ, Desert in Bloom, by Smith-Southwestern. $9.95

NP133- Christmas Cards- Grand Canyon, Desert Storm, Lighted Saguaro, 10pk, by Smith-Southwestern, $4.99

NP134- Gold! Gold! - A beginner’s handbook and recreation guide: How & Where to prospect for Gold! By Joseph F. Petralia, 2007, p.143. $12.95

NP135- Gem Trails of Arizona, by James R. Mitchell, 2001, p.223. $11.95

NP136- Gold Prospectors Handbook, by Jack Black, 2008, p.176. $10.95

NP137- Finding Gold in the Desert: The Art of Dry washing, by Otto Lynch, 2008, p.25. $5.95

NP138- Ancient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau, by Ron Blakey and Wayne Ranney, Grand Canyon Association, 2008, p.156. $34.95

NP139- All Weather Pen- black ink, #37, by Rite in the Rain. $6.75 
All Weather Pen Refill- black ink, #37R, by Rite in the Rain. $4.65

NP140- Field Flex Standard Notebook (large), #374, all weather universal, by Rite in the Rain. $8.45 
Field Flex Pocket Memo Book (small), #374M, all weather memobook, by Rite in the Rain. $2.95 
All Weather Pocket Spiral Notebook, #135, by Rite in the Rain. $2.75

USGS Maps and Publications

The following items are available for sale at the AZGS - ESIC office:

Topographic maps for Arizona at various scales:

1:24,000 (7.5' quadrangles) $6.85
1:100,000 (USGS and BLM land/mineral status) $7.00
1:250,000 (1 x 2 degree) $7.00
1:25,000 (color-image Arizona-Mexico border) $6.85

The USGS 1:24,000 online index map showing the names and locations of all AZ topos is available online here

Books and thematic maps: Selected USGS books and thematic maps for Arizona and the United States in general (Professional Papers, Bulletins, Circulars, Water-Supply Papers, General Interest Publications, Geologic Quadrangle (GQ) Maps, Miscellaneous investigation Series (I) Maps, and Miscellaneous Field Studies (MF) Maps.

Please call the Arizona Geological Survey for selection and price.


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