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The Geology of the Safford-San Carlos Area, Graham and Gila Counties, East-Central Arizona (CR-08-A)

AZGS’s newest contributed report (CR-08-A), comprises an overview of the geology of Safford-San Carlos area of Graham and Gila Counties of east-central Arizona.   The report includes a body of 59 pages – with 22 figures -- and three appendices. 

            Appendix A: Relevant Previous Geologic Studies: Extended Discussions;
                        36 pg. & 4 figures.
            Appendix B: Use of GIS in this Study; 3 pg.
            Appendix C: Stratigraphic Measurements Capturing Numerous Well Logs;
                        Numerous illustrations of stratigraphic measurements.

By Dr. Peter Mock | Now available for on CD-ROM for $15.00 .

Executive Summary | Included Map

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