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Mineral Resources

Arizona is a leader in US mineral resources. Every year Arizona leads America in mining production.  In 2006, Arizona mineral production rose to nearly 7 billion dollars.  Most of that, more than 5 billion dollars, involved copper production.  Other major mineral commodities include industrial minerals – we were second in sand and gravel production, gold, silver, molybdenum, gemstones, uranium, coal, gypsum and salt, to name just major commodities.

Over the years, the Arizona Geological Survey’s quarterly magazine, Arizona Geology, has hosted numerous articles addressing mineral resources, their genesis, distribution, mining, and what the future holds for Arizona’s mineral commodities.  In the pages of Arizona Geology, you’ll also find topical information on geothermal resources, helium production, and uranium ore genesis, among other things. 

To better serve those of our constituents with an interest in minerals and mining, we include here some of Arizona Geology’s best and most relevant mineral articles as free PDF downloads. 

General Interest / Miscellaneous

3 Questions About Arizona Mineral Resources
Arizona State Lands Mineral Resources

AZ Metalic Mineral Districts
Mineral Peraluminous Granitoids
Minerals of Arizona
Belmont Mountains Granite
Mineral Resources in Buckskin and Rawhide Mountains

Gold and Silver

Au & Ag Extraction
Copperstone Gold Mine, Arizona
Geology of Vulture Gold Mine


Breccia Pipes


Arizona Helium Resources I
Arizona Helium Resources II


Asbestos in Arizona
Asbestos Presence in Agua Fria River
Asbestos, A Perspective
Arizona Geology 2004: Asbestos in Arizona
Arizona Asbestos References


Artillery Mn District, Arizona


Molybdenum in Arizona

Industrial Materials

Arizona Industrial Minerals and Rocks
Industrial Minerals in Daily Life
SE Arizona Industrial Materials


Arizona Thermal Springs

Salt & Evaporites

Evaporite Deposits of the Permian Holbrook Basin, Arizona
Arizona Salt Deposits
Arizona Salt
Drill Holes Cause Fault in Salt Body
Red Lake Salt Mass
Salt: An Arizona Resource



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