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Where and when will the next major earthquake occur in Arizona? How much damage will it do? Will people be injured?

No one can answer those questions with certainty right now. But AZGS is joining with geoscientists from Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and the University of Arizona to address those and other questions related to earthquakes and earthquake hazards in Arizona.

Funding. On 9 July 2008, the Federal Emergency Management Agency awarded AZGS $493,678 to purchase and operate eight (8) broadband seismometers. AZGS and its partners, Arizona’s three research universities, are providing $172,000 in matching funds.

Broadband Seismometers. The eight broadband seismometers are part of Arizona's first dedicated broadband seismic array (see interactive image to right - Click on red dots to see last 24 hours of seismic activity in the area). Rapid Earthquake Viewer (REV) provides the seismograms linked here. REV is a product of the University of South Carolina, IRIS (Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology) and DLESE (Digital Library for Earth System Education).

The broadband seismometers are capable of recording ground motion from local, regional and global earthquakes. Dr. David Brumbaugh (Northern Arizona University) noted that a broadband network provides, “greatly improved earthquake monitoring of Arizona tremors with better detection and location of events…”

Earthquake Risk. “Once gathered, it (seismic data) will be a valuable source of information used in updating the State's earthquake risk assessment” said Darlene Trammell ADEM State Hazard Mitigation Officer.

AZGS Adopt-a-Seismometer Program. Maintaining broadband stations is expensive; it costs nearly $10,000 per station per year. To extend the life of this research beyond the two-year span of initial operation, the Arizona Geological Survey encourages sponsors from industry, organizations, communities, and individuals to provide financial support. See our (TASA) Adopt-a-Station Program brochure for more information.

Research Team. We are a diverse team of investigators with expertise ranging from geophysics and seismology, to hazard and risk assessment, to science outreach. Our team includes:

R. Arrowsmith, PhD (Arizona State University School of Earth and Space Exploration)
Susan Beck, PhD (University of Arizona, Dept. of Geosciences)
David Brumbaugh, PhD (Northern Arizona University, Dept. of Geology & Arizona Earthquake Information Center)
Jeri Young (Arizona Geological Survey, Phoenix Branch)
Matt Fouch, PhD (Arizona State University School of Earth and Space Exploration)
Phil Pearthree (Arizona Geological Survey, Tucson)
George Zandt, PhD (University of Arizona, Dept. of Geosciences)

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