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Earth fissures of south-central Arizona are pervasive ground cracks measuring up to a mile or more in length, and up to 15 feet wide and 40 feet deep.  The State Legislature, recognizing that fissures presented a hazard to people, property and infrastructure, charged the Arizona Geological Survey in 2007 with: 1) mapping all existing earth fissures in Arizona; and, 2) making fissure maps publically available.

Principal Features of the Earth Fissure Viewer :

         > choice of street map or terrain background.
         > maximum zoom scale 1:18,000 (1 inch = 1,500 feet).
         > rapid address search via Google search engine.

  • Shows earth fissure study areas (e.g., Scottsdale, Luke)
  • Color-coded earth fissure key
  • Fissure study area maps available for download (*.pdf)

Getting Started:

  • Click here to view the Earth Fissure Viewer
  • Zoom to area of interest
  • To download maps in PDF format, click the selected study area and select the map (e.g., Tator Hills)

Interested in learning more about Earth Fissures?

Lee Allison, Arizona State Geologist and AZGS Director on Earth Fissures in Arizona. Click to download video

Earth Fissure Brochure: A brief overview of fissures – origin, distribution, societal impacts.


DISCLAIMER: The State of Arizona has made a reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of this map, but errors may be present and the State of Arizona does not guarantee its accuracy.  The map supplements, but is not a substitute for, a professional inspection of property for defects and conditions.


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